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Chateau de Barbe Blue.
85130 Tiffauges, Tel. 02 51 65 70 51.
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The Chateau de Tiffauges was once a medieval castle and its most infamous resident was Gilles de Rais also known as blue beard and it was here that he committed his atrocities. The Chateau today is known as Chateau de Barbe Bleue (blue Beards Castle).
The 3 Hectare Castle is packed with 400 years of History, it includes a huge collection of medieval war machines and object alchemy.
Gilles de Rais was at 25years old the "marshal of France" he was companion in arms of Joan of Arch, he latter retired to Tiffauge and took up Alchemy believing that he could make gold from blood, he killed more than 200 children from the local area in his attempts.

In spring time there is a 3hour specticle and entertainment in this regions greatest medieval visitors attraction.
In July and August the Chateau de Tiffauges presents Gilles the Legende an open air pageant. And Nuits de Legende,a late evening event every Wednesday.
Open: Apri, may, June September
            Mondays to Fridays 10h to 12.30h &       
14h to 19h
            Weekends 14h-19h
            July - August. Every day 11-19h
            Nuits de Legende Wednesday 22h

Admission.  Adult. 7euros
                       Child. (6-13) 5euros
                      Family  21 euros.
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