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Attraction in the Vendee.
The World Class Attraction, Unique, Spectacular, Magical, there are not enough superlative to discribe the Vendees major Attraction. Everything is done on a grand scale and raises the bar on excellence for presentation, imagenative concepts and allround standards. No visit to the Vendee would be complete without a visit to this show of shows.
The Concept:The Association of the puy du fou was founded in November 1977 as a non profit society. Originally they had 2600 members drawn from the 15 villages that surround the Puy du Fou. The "cinescenie" was first produced in the summer of 1978 and the producer of the show was Philippe de Villiers who is now the "Conseil General" of the Vendee, he has also stood for president of France and it was under his guidance that the show has gone from strenght to strenght.
In 1989 The Grand Parcours du puy du Fou (now the "grand Parc")opened, it is the 1st parc historique and ecologique d'Europe, originally 35 hectares with an 18th century village,  the Vieux chateau for the falconry, an arboretum, a farm of old breeds and few other attraction with the aim of educating and amuse. Since then its Grown, today there's
50 hectares of nature where the  the 4 villages, 10th century, medieval, 18th century and 1900 lay amongst the woods, lakes and gardens with the many spectacular shows
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More Attractions in the Vendee
The Cinescenie.Experience the awesome excitement of the biggest night show in the world, where 1200 actors using 6000 costumes with 70 horsemen and all the latest technology entertain you for 1hr 40 mins with a show that awesome and breath taking. It is a true "son et luminare" a medieval paguent play desplayed with 21st century technology.
New Scene for 2009

Tarifs 2009: Adult, 26 euros  Child 15 euros (5-13 year old)
Reservation is highly recommended.
The Grand Parc. Set in 50 hectares of woodland with dozens of spectacular shows, 4 villages as would have been found at different times in the past and gardens that would be the envy of most botanic gardens.
The grand parc is without doubt unrivalled anywhere in the world. A unique day out with something to suit all ages.

The Falconry (le Bal des oiseaux Fantomes) The original show in the amphitheatre of the old chateau is still, in many peoples eyes, the best.
You are introduced to the birds and as the show continues you are left in awe as over 250 birds of pray take part in the best display of falconry anywhere in the world.

The Vikings. A show of pure Theatre, where you are taken back to the medieval times of viking raids. This huge outdoor stage brings to life the events of this turbulent era.

The Gladiators. In the Stadium Gallo-Romain the magnificent show starts with the parade which is quickly followed by gladiators and Christian doing battle. The Ben Hur type chariot racing is both spectacular and realistic and finally the poor old Christians are fed to the lions.

Mousquetaire de Richelieu. Inside this grand building is enacted the tales of the three mousquetaires on a stage that is reputed to have the longest curtain in the world at 70meters. Its a magical show with horses dancing on the lake, fountains and much more.

La Bataille du Donjon.The Medieval castle is attacked by the English, but before that you are entertained by Jousting, exceptional horsemen performing everything from trick riding to dressage.

Apart from the larger shows mentioned above there are a whole host of smaller shows and events happening around the grounds from Magical shows to traditional musicians, the organs Aquatiques to l'odyssee du Puy du Fou. There is an endless variety of events to amuse and entertain you.

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Video of Gardens and Villages
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Video Bataille du Donjon
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