Towns and Villages of the Vendee


Angles is a small town typical of those found in the south Vendee, being just 7 kilometers from La Tranche sur Mer it enjoys one of the finest climates in France and is an ideal base to discover not only the beaches of the south Vendee but the natural beauty of the Marais Poitevin.

Angles has one of the most interesting churches in the Vendee and in particular its Nave, it's late 12 century architecture typical of the Plantagent style. The large statues are thought to represent Richard the Lionheart and his parents, though others say they are symbols of Virtues. Under the choir which has is barrel-vaulted is the crypt.
The facade is crowned by a bear-like evil beast who it is claimed ate up latecomers, it was turned to stone by the holy hermit Martin, many myths both pagan and Christian have been associated with this pre Christian statue
Just 2 kilometers east of the town is the 15th century  Moricq Tower. This impressive fortified tower once used to defend the small harbour on the river Lay.The Tower is the Donjon of the ancient chateau-fort of 1090 built by Giraudus de Morech, it was reconstructed in 1435 and played an important role during the 100 years war before being abandoned, later becoming a grain store. It was bought by the commune of Angles in 1988 and restored.
Moricq Tower near Angles Vendee.
Pre Christian statue of a bear like figure.
Notre Dame d'Angles, facinating church in the main street.
Today Angles is a holiday Centre during the summer months and as such has a lively feel to it and a good supply of shops and restaurants and a colourful market, it is well worth the detour to visit if you are this part of the Vendee.
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