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Beaches of the Vendee
Looking north from Bouil beach
Stormy day on the beach

The Commune of Longville-sur-Mer controls a large section of beaches that starts just after La Terriere and includes the beaches at Les Conches and Le Rocher , despite its name the village of Longville-sur-Mer is in fact some way from the sea.
There are in fact 17 entrances to the beaches of the Commune of Longville-sur-Mer, some have names as in Les Conches and Le Rocher whereas others just have numbers.
La Plage du Bouil has 3 numbers and these are clearly marked as are the others so that, in case of accidents, the emergency services can quickly locate the position.

La Plage du Bouil continues on from the rocky patch just north of Le Rocher beach it has a good amount of sand with an entrance for pleasure boats.
On the north end at access No1 is Le Goulet beach which has surveillance during the season as well as a ramp for launching pleasure craft. It is the most northerly beach on this stretch of the Commune of Longville-sur-Mer
The beaches are reached through a forest road off the D105 just north of the Le Rocher turn off taking you towards St.Vincent-sur-Jard. These beaches are quieter the area being made up mostly of modern residential properties within the forest, with a few holiday camps nearby.
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