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Beaches of the Vendee

Bretignolles-sur-Mer is not really noted for its beaches though there is a beach at La Paree, whereas at La Sauzaie the wild rocky coast is home to those who love to ride the waves.

La Parée.
The beach is situated in the centre of La Parée and at low tide offers a very family friendly beach.
The base rocks are exposed at low tide and they offer not only some sheltered water to bathe in but also the chance to do some exploring in the rock pools.
There are life guards on station from the 6th June to 2nd Sept, and good facilities just off the beach, though parking space is restricted so may be a problem during high season.

La Sauzaie is the home of the surfers, it is where the waves roll in on a regular basis and the surfing websites give this beach a high rating.
There is life guard surveillance from 30th June to 2nd September; the car park is small so an early arrival is recommended.
Due to the reef structure several surfing website advise the use of helmets especially when the surf is big.
There are however some patches of beach especially after high water and these small coves can be well sheltered from the wind.
The beach also has a boat ramp just off the main car park.

La Paree beach near Bretignollies sur mer
surf on Sauzaie beach
 the beach at la Paree looking south
small beach at Sauzaie
La Paree beach looking north
rock pools at La Paree
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