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Beaches of the Vendee
Beach at Des Granges
Breakwater and Chenal de Havre at Des Granges beach
Des Granges beach looking north
the beach at Des Granges facing south
Barrage of the Chenal de Havre
The barrage forms a bridge to walk to the beach on the north side
a lake is formed by the barrage
plage des Granges
chenal de Havre

The final length of beach from Sauveterre towards Brem-sur-mer is cut off from Le Plage des Dunes by the Chenal du Havre that runs from the north end of Brem-sur-Mer.
This is one of the most under-rated beaches in the Vendée. Car parking is close to the beach and the short walk beside the small lake formed by the barrage across the Chenal du Havre is a pleasant place to picnic or do a spot of fishing. The barrage is in fact a bridge that enables one to access the beach that extends to Le Plage des Dunes.

This wide expanse of fine sand is popular out of season by those who like a quiet walk on virtually deserted sands; it is also popular with beach fishermen.

Though some surfers use this stretch of beach there have been comments on surf websites that this is an under-rated beach by the French, as it has all the breaks that any of the other more popular surfing beaches have, plus easy parking.

The beach south towards the beach at Sauveterre is also used by the naturists

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