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  We Specialise in Gites and Cottages with Pools in the South Vendee. France.
Beaches of the Vendee

Jard-sur-Mer is more noted for its attractive harbour than its beaches, though there are beaches and an area of rocks where the pleasures of discovering the treasures of the underwater world can keep children and adults alike entertained for hours.

To the south the Plage du Grand Boisvinet has a base for divers and windsurfers although swimming is prohibited.
The Plage de Boisvinet has surveillance, and the rocks are exposed at low tide.
Next to the harbour the Plage de Morpoigne, reveals rocks and rock pools at low tide.

To the north of harbour, the Plage du Pe du Canon is a beautiful beach with fine golden sand and surveillance.
The Plage de la Point du Canon is rocky.
The Plage de Madoreau is on a rocky coastline with sand above the high water mark.
The Plage de Legere is similar to the Plage de Madoreau.

The Plage de la Ragounite is the last of the beaches it has a narrow strip of sand above the high water mark, though it is a little wider than the previous two beaches.

Plage de la Mine on the edge of the Payre reserve is a beautiful beach of fine sand with surveillance and facilities during season.
Looking south from the Harbour
The Beach at Morpoigne next to the harbour at jard sur Mer
the harbour at Jard sur Mer
harbour at Jard sur mer at low tide
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