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Beaches of the Vendee
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Beaches Noirmoutier
ile de Normoutier
The beach at Souzeaux
le Grand Vieil
Plage de Dames
the beach at Lazeronde
Beaches of Noirmoutier.As with most islands the ile de Noirmoutier has a varied collection of beaches from the pretty Plage de Dames to the plage d'Or. Many are in small picturesque  coves with boats  moored off others are long stretches of sand backed by dunes.
The island is often called a displaced mediterranean island, this is due to the many whitewashed cottages and buildings, the cuisine which is maritime and fresh and a landscape that is vibrant and vivid. It is a very flat island (max 22m) with most just a few meters above sea level.
The island is like a figure 8 with the top part having the smaller beaches and coves with a rocky  outcrops while the western side of the lower part being almost one continuous beach.
Below are a list of the main beaches:

Plages Les Sableaux. This is the main beach for the town of Noirmoutier en l'ile.

Plage des Dames. Probably the best known and photographed beach on the island, so called because it was frequented in Victorian days by the ladies of the big houses that are to be found in the Bois de la Chaize which surround this beach. The beach huts, lighthouse and jetty all lead to it's charm.

Plage de Souzeaux. A pretty cove with good sandy beach bounded by rocks. Not the easiest place to find a parking space so be prepared to walk.

Plages de la Clere. A long cove on the north east side of the island, it contains several entrances all of which are given names but the biggest is at Le Grand Vieil a small village with facilities and boat ramp.

Le Petite Vieil. Just around the corner from le grand Vieil this charming cove with cottages and pine trees close to the sands and small boats moored off is well sheltered from all but northerly winds.

La Madeleine A small village on the north of the island with beach running out to the pointe des charnier.

La Blanche a pretty cove on the north end of Noirmoutier with cottage close to the beach on the eastern end and backed by the bois de la blanche to the west. Behind the beach is the ancient abbey la Blanche,

Les Conches des Normands.The beaches of the town of La Liniere. A long beach that runs to the east of the harbour.

Plages de Lazeronde. Situated on the north west corner of the island. There is parking on either end with boat ramps. The beach is backed by sand dunes and forest to the north and dunes with the salt marshes to the south.
Areas towards the center of the beach are used by Naturists.

Plage de la Bosse. The beach starts at the port de Morin and runs south. Backed by dunes and pin trees.

Plage de l'Epine

Plage de Eloux, pleasant beach with dunes and forest behind

Pages des Sables d'Or The start of the long beach that continues down to the tip of the island the northern end has access amongst the houses further south there is a track through the dunes.

Plages de Midi. As the name suggest this is the middle section of the long beach south.There as several parking areas and boat launching facilities. The beach serves the commune of  Barbatre.

La Fosse. The final beach before the bridge
Le Petite Vieil
le petite Vieil beach looking south.
la blanche plage, noirmoutier
la blanche beach
les Conches des Normands the beach of La Liniere.
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