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  We Specialise in Gites and Cottages with Pools in the South Vendee. France.
Beaches of the Vendee
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St.Jean de Monts. The plages of des Demoiselles, the beach widens out to a glorious stretch of fine sand, there are 7 stations de surveillance along this commercial stretch of beach. All facilities are near by though car parking can be a problem especially during high season and at all times to the north where apartment blocks and the golf course are  positioned so that access to the beach is all but impossible,they have left a couple of walk ways through hidden amongst the buildings, but you will find it impossible to park.The nautical centre near the jetty has reasonable access though this is often blocked by the boat trailers.

The excellent promenade behind the sea wall make for a leisurely stroll when you are tired of the beach

If you hanker for quieter sands then: south are the beaches of Soixante Bornes and the naturist beach at des Salins.
North are the beaches of paree des jonc
St.Jean de Monts
the main beach looking south
the main beach at St Jean de Monts looing north
the beach at Soixante Bornes looking towards St Jean de Monts
The nautical beach near the Jetty
Beach infront of the golf course at St Jean de Monts
St Jean de Monts beach with the tide out
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