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Towns and Villages of the Vendee


This large picturesque village which is situated in the middle of the Marais Breton in the very north west of the Vendee was once an island (Ile de Bouin). On the 7th June 567 the island was submerged by the high tide and all the residence were drowned. In 813 the island was invaded by the Vikings.
In all the island has been submerged over 40 times the last time was in 1940, but since the construction of the 14 kilometer of dykes some 3 kilometer  out into the Baie de Bourgneuf the sea has been kept at bay.
Baie de Bourgneuf and the dyke has defends the land.
The village was made prosperous by the production of salt and the many grand house of the village bear witness to this prosperity.
With the building of the dykes it was possible to exploit the rich fishing ground of the Baie de Bourgneuf and in particular the mussels and oysters with the creation of the Ports de Bec, Port des Champs and port des Bouchets and the creation of oyster farms behind the dykes.
The Plaque on the Eglise-Notre-Dame-de-Bouin around which the village is centered referes to the massacre of 85 persons which included 65 women who had saught refuge in the stairs to the bell tower on the 6th December 1795 during the Wars of the Vendee.

Port de Bec. (Chinese port), Port de Champs and Port des Brouchets are colourful and lively fishing harbours where the wooden jetties supported on long poles driven into the muddy channel have brightly coloured fishing boats moored. At the land side of the harbours are the eluces to contol the water level and at low tide the water rushes down past the boats on its way to the sea, at high water the ports are lively with returning fishing boats.
Bouin Mairie
Port Bec
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