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Attraction in the Vendee.
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Chateau D'Apremont.
85220. Apremont. Tel. 02 51 55 73 66
19 July 2008 - Le Château en Fête
A evocation of life in the castle in the 16th century.
19h00 : Banquet with acrobats and jugglers
23h00 : Fireworks around the castle
Overlooking the river Vie an early castle was built on a promontory rock around the twelve century.
Apremont castle was besieged in 1468 by 3,000 Bretons who wanted to free the prisoner being held there. The Seige was lifted once the prisoners were released, but the surrounding country side as far as St.Gille on the coast was Devastated
The two surviving towers were part of a renaissance chateau built in the early 1500's by Philippe Chabot de Brion, admiral France and friend of King Francois 1st on the site of part of the medieval fortress.
King Louis X111 stayed at the castle on the night of April 17th after his victory at Riez,having just defeated the protestant troops lead by Prince de Soubise
Today the castle is the property of the Municipal council and is a most beautiful example of Vendeen archetecture.
Admission.  Adult 3.50euros
                 Child (12-16) 2.50

Chateau plus panoramic de Chateau d'Eau
Adult 4.50
Child (12-16) 3euros.
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