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Attraction in the Vendee.
Le Chateau de Talmont Saint Hilaire
Place du Chateau, Talmont St.Hilaire
Tel. 02 51 90 27 43
Experience life in the middle ages in the Fortress of Richard the Lion Heart.
The Kings Ransom, is an entertaining and instructive trail exploring the castle and the world of the middle ages
In Summer you can immerse yourself in the medieval world, come see the Bear, King of beasts in the middle ages. Entertainment with the ordeals of the young knights,crossbow shooting and on Wednesdays the spectacle of knights on horseback.
The Nights Of Richard the Lion Heart: a magical summer evening pageant at the Chateau de Talmont a spectacle of light and sound.
Open from April till 5 Nov
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Richard the Lion Heart was born in Oxford on the 8th September 1157.
At the age of 34 he married Beranger de Navarre, in 1190 he went to the Crusades and while away his lands in Normandy were captured by Phillip Auguste, King of France. On his return he went to war against Auguste and recaptured his lands

He was made; duke of Aquitane in 1168
                     Prince of Talmont in 1186

                     King of England in 1189.
The chateau Talmont seen from the leisure lake.
The Castle of Richard the Lion-Heart at Talmont st.Hilaire.
View from the castle
The town of Talmont seen from the castle
Tapestry in the castle of Talmont St.Hilaire.
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