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Towns and Villages of the Vendee

Clisson Loire-Atlantique

Though just inside the Loire Atlantique Department the border of the Vendee comes to the very edge of town and this great fortified town played a central role in the War of the Vendee, for as at that time the Department of the Vendee which was created on 26th February 1790 was only 4 years old and most locals still considered themselves as in Bas Poitou.
The castle and the town were torched and ruined by the conflict in 1794 leaving only the market hall (a barracks for the Republicans) and two river bridges.
After the conflicts were concluded the town was rebuilt by the wealth Cacault brothers (from Nantes) and the sculptor Francois-Frederic Lemot and his influence in particular has lead to the Italian look and feel to the town, so much so that many of the business in the area built there water-mills and dwellings in similar style.
Lemot bought the ancient hunt de la Seigneurd de Clisson in 1805 and the chateau in 1807.
The  walks along the Sevre Nantais River both north into the Loire Atlantique or south into the Vendee are well rewarded. Just a mile or so from town at Fouques on the Vendee side of the river starts the "Chemin Vendee Vers Composte" which was opened in 2004,and is the start of the walk way around the Vendee.  Near by is the Chapel Templar, founded by the Knights de Malta who succeeded the Knights templar and at it time was remarked as being the finest chapel on this area of France. Here at Fouques you will find the old wooden decked road bridge that cross the river Sevre Nantais
At the confluence of the River Sevre Nantes and its tributary the river Moines lies the picturesque town of Clisson with its roots in medieval history.
The town is well severed by restaurants, bars and cafes and the tourist information office by the town s old market hall was information not only on the town but on the local wine route with wine on sale in their office.
The Medieval Market hall is a network of old oak posts and beams held together by oak pegs.
Images of Clisson
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