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L'Auberge. Reviewed by Tate
The Restaurant dining room
l'Auberge restaurant in Fontenay le Comte
L’Auberge EverHotels - Fontenay-Le-Compte

Today we suffered yet another blow at the hands of the Vendéen catering industry. It was Monday lunchtime, and eating out can be a haphazard affair on a Monday as many restaurants are closed. We thought that we were safe however as we were going to Le Vieux Pressoir which advertises its opening times as 1200 to 1400 and 1900 to 21.30 except Wednesday and Saturday evenings and Sunday midday. Trevor was confident that it would be open and was crestfallen when we bowled up and it was closed. I see little point in restaurants advertising opening hours if they aren’t going to stick to them, it does make me mad.
We were now in trouble and not in the best of moods, where to eat was a serious dilemma, we were rescued somewhat by L’Auberge EverHotels a hotel on a trading estate with separate blocks containing the sleeping and dining areas. As we were specifically targeting a set lunch menu so we entered and ignored the a la carte menu going instead for what seemed a reasonable priced set menu at 13 euros for 2 courses plus cheese or 15 euros and change for 3 courses plus cheese. The entrée was a hors d’oeuvres table with many of the usual suspects, a selection of sausage, prawns, eggs, a rice dish, tuna and sweet corn, a selection of fresh salad vegetables such as lettuce and tomato and more besides. This is a chain of hotels with attached restaurants and as you would expect they have obviously worked out a formula which when applied throughout the chain makes them money. To that end the plates provided weren’t the largest I’ve ever seen, but I guess you could have gone back for more. It wasn’t the greatest choice it wasn’t the greatest food, but it was all very fresh.
Main course of pork strips with potatoe cake and lettice
the Duo de poisson
The main course arrived. I had chosen strips of pork cooked in coriander, and Trevor had chosen a duo of fish cooked in a parcel, both came with a potato cake of some description and some dressed lettuce. My pork was pretty tasteless, though well enough cooked; Trevor’s on the other hand was not so good. The vegetables had stuck to the foil and the fish was overcooked, a tragedy as one of the fish was sea bass. The best thing about the meal was the potato cake which was some form of mashed potato with cheese dipped in egg and lightly fried, it was very tasty. Even though we were reasonably early the restaurant appeared to be closing and we never did get any cheese. The truth is I don’t eat much cheese so I wasn’t too worried but nonetheless you should get what you pay for. I suppose it’s possible that I was dreaming about the cheese being included, but I don’t think so. I would like to be able to confirm that, by looking at their menu on line, which the manager assured us we would be able to do when we asked if we could take a menu away with us. The truth is that search though I might I have been unable to find the secret key that will give me access to the menu on the web site, I truly doubt that it is there. I did notice that other diners were eating things like burgers, which looked pretty good, and maybe eating from the a la carte menu would have been better, it would almost certainly have been more expensive.
In conclusion, the only really good thing I can say about this restaurant was that it was open on Monday lunchtime. It was in a commercial zone; it was a new build and lacked any ambience whatsoever, it was designed to be easy to clean and efficient to work in. The service was friendly enough but they forgot the cheese, we had to ask for cutlery for the main course and the manager doesn’t know what is on the company web site. The food that we had was not particularly good, and though it wasn’t a fortune I just go back to what you can get in other places like the various Le Relais restaurants for the same sort of money. I would be hard pressed to recommend this place even on a Monday. Tate
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