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Towns and Villages of the Vendee
Situated on the banks of the Sevre Nantaise River in the Haut Bocage on the boundary with the Deux Sevre Department this pretty village is just 14 kilometers from Les Herbiers on the D11.
The steep narrow streets of this granite built village were in days gone by the home to a thriving weaving industry. The "maison de Tisserands" has an exhibition of life in a weavers cottage,
Water played an important role not only in the weaving trade but also for making paper and flour. There over 50 sources of water in the village and walk around the well sign posted route des fountaines takes in many of them including the Lavoir.

The 8 arches of the bridge which crosses the Sevre Nantais and the adjoining meadow is a spectacular backdrop to both the picturesque river and the mills that border the river. The Romains had constructed a bridge here on an important route from Nantes to Poitier and there are still traces of this paved road to be found today.
In the 10th Century fortified castle was built by les Vicomte de Thousars for the defense of the boundaries of the Duche du Poitou. By the 11th century it had become the most important fortress on the borders of the Sevre. It was taken by the English during the 100 years war and retaken Du Greslin and Clisson.
Today this charming village regardless of what season you visit will enchant you with its beauty and the many artist that frequent it's streets only adds to its charm.
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Mallievre and the bridge over the river Sevre Nantais.
the Lavoir at Mallievre