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Attraction in the Vendee.

Pointe du Payre Jard-sur-Mer

The Estuary of the river Payre
The nature reserve of the Pointe-du-Payre is not only one of the most picturesque places to visit in the Vendee, it is also of great interest geologically and as a pristine natural habitat.

It is reached from the car park to the plage de Mines which is at the end of the road from Jard sur Mer sign posted to the Abbay Lieu-Dieu which is about half a kilometer before on the right.
The walk through the woods of Holm oak has several branches off to the right to the cliffs, there has attempts to stop visiters from getting to the cliffs but most are in bad repair. There is a well trodden footpath around the cliffs, great care should be taken as they are fragile and made up on loss stones and sand over harder rock. The cliffs here are of great interest to geologists and students come from many parts to study the unusual make up of the rocks from Jurassique period.
The sand spit that reaches out from the Plage de Veillon near Port Bourgenay causes the River Payre to meander its way back to the port  de Guittiere. All of the inner reaches of the river are used for the culture and production of oysters and the trays of maturing oyster can be seen on racks moored to the bed of the river.
From the point it is possible at low tide to walk along the glorious beaches and coves that make up the south side of the river, there is no marked paths through the woods,except for an uninteresting service track so you will need to retrace your journey back to the point.
In all from the car park to the port de Guittiere is about 12kms which will take a good 3 hours walk so if you are going to attempt it take some refreshment.
The Plage de Mines is a popular beach during the season and has refreshments and survailence. And there are great walks through the woods back towards Jard-sur--Mer.
Forest walk to the pointe-du-payre
Clift top walk, pointe-du-payre
Egret fishing on the river Payre
Looking north from the pointe-du-Payre towards Port-Bourgenay
Rock formations
Looking south from the pointe-du-parye towards the Plage-de-Mines
Port Guittiere seem from the pointe-du-Payre.
River Payre neat the Port-Guittiere.
More photos of the Pointe-du-Payre
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