Towns and Villages of the Vendee
Port Bourgenay
A delightful modern marina, a golf course and the great beach of Vellion are just some of the delights that this purpose built holiday resort has to offer. On the north side of the Payre River and just 5 kilometes from Talmont St. Hilaire it has a relaxing atmosphere as it has not been found by the hoards of holidaymakers that can normally ruin such places.
There a a few cafes and restaurants to cater for those that do look it up. The  deep water marina is very modern and modest in size catering for the local sports fishermen and yachtsmen and there are chandleries and workshops for them. 

The Beach at Vellion is one of the prettiest in the Vendee and if you are thinking of visiting it in the holiday season you are advised to arrive early as parking near the beach is limited so you may have a long walk. A walk over the dunes or along the beach to the Payre river, especially at low tide, will reward you with possibly the finest scenery in this part of France.
The beach has refreshments including a beach restaurant.
Port Bourgenay marina
Vellion Beach and the estuary of the Payre River.
Golf at Port Bourgenay.
The P.Thevenin designed course overlooks the marina of port Bougenay,
bordered by a pine forest on the very edge of the sea. The 85 hectare course has alternative pine forest and hedgerows giving two differing experiences.
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