Restaurants Green Venise

Below are listed the restaurants in the Green Venice (venise vert) area of the Vendee.
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Auberge de la Foret, Mervent,
Tel 02 51 00 21 09
Hotel, Bar, Restaurant, Seminaire.
Auberge de la Foret, Mervent,
Tel 02 51 00 21 09
Hotel, Bar, Restaurant, Seminaire.
Review by Tate
La Pigouille,52,Quai Louis Tardy. Coulon
Tel 05 49 35 80 99

Cuisine Traditional
Menu + promenade in a Barque

Eating out in the Marais Poitevin more commonly known as the Green Venice or Venice Vert can be a real pleasure This regional park, which is a strange, lazy landscape of fens and meadows, shielded by poplar trees and criss-crossed by an elaborate system of canals, dykes and slow-flowing rivers offers a large variety of Restaurants. After a relaxing stroll or a trip in one of the barque that are available for hire it is nice to have that Repas to refresh the inner self.
Many of the restaurants are located by the side of the canals with views over the water which adds the little exta something to the pleasure
The Marais poitevin is spread over three Departments (County Councils) The Vendee, The Deux Sevre, and The Charente-Maritime, the greatest part is in the Vendee,though some would say the prettiest part is in the Deux Sevre around Coulon towards Damvix though the town of Damvix is just inside the Vendee.

Auberge de la Riviere,
Rue de la Fouarne, 85770 Velluire.
Chief Fabrice Riefolo
Picture coming soon
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The Deux season restaurant in Damvix
Les Deux Saisons.
5,rue Gamauderie, Damvix
Tel.02 51 87 13 11
Restaurant aboard the Le Collibert at Damvix
Restaurant Croisieres le Collibert
le Grand Port, Damvix.
Tel. 02 51 87 19 16
Restaurant on a cruise boat.
The Auberge du Trou Vendeen at Courdault
Le Trou Vendeen.
74 rue port Courdault, Bouille-Courdault.
Tel. 02 51 52 41 51.
Cuisine traditional, maraichine
The restaurant Auberge du Vieux Batelier at Maille
Auberge du Vieux Batelier
la Croix des Mary. Maille
Tel 02 51 87 02 11
Restaurant  le Auberge de l'Abbaye at Maillezais
Auberge de L'abbaye
Le Petit Port Sauvage, Maillezais
Tel 02 51 87 25 07
Cuisine de tradition.
Le Marais.
8, rue Gamauderie, Damxix
Tel.02 51 00 44 74
La Gambille.
Les Vergnaies, Damvix
Tel.02 51 87 10 27
La Grange aux Roseaux
41,rue Grand port, Maillezais
Tel 02 51 00 70 43.
Cuisine traditional
Auberge du Quaireau.
2, rue Ponts Neufs, L'Ile d'Elle.
Tel. 02 51 52 01 25
Ferme Auberge du Montnomme
Mont Nomme, Vix
Tel 02 51 00 64 79
La Sableautine,
15 rue Principe le sableau, Challe les Marais.
Tel. 02 5130 10 88.
13, rue Principe le sableau, Challe les Marais.
Tel. 02 51 56 70 87.
Le Grill, Champagne les Marais.
8,place Georges Clemenceau.
Tel. 02 51 56 61 41.
Speciality Beef & Kangaroo
Restaurant des Voyageurs,
1. rue 8 Mai.
Tel 02 51 56 65 05
Au Chant des Grenouilles , Maillezais.
2, rue Dr. Daroux.
Tel 02 51 0070 15
Le Narval, Puyravault.
10,rue Galerne,
Tel 02 51 28 61 94
Le Lapin qui Fume,
9,rue Ocean, St.Benoist-sur-mer.
Tel.02 51 97 42 93.
Le Belle Epoque.
11 rue 8 Mai, Vouille les Marais,
Tel.02 51 52 53 45
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Review by Tate
Review by Tate
Review by Tate