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Restaurants in the Vendee

Restaurants Lucon

Lucon is just a couple of kilometers from the busy N137 road which takes traffic from Nantes to Bordeaux and on to Spain, it also has a lot of passing traffic heading from Niort to the coast and Les Sables d'Olonne and as such it is a natural stopping point for those looking for refreshment. There is therefore a very good supply and choice of restaurants in and around the town.
With the new bypass taking most of the traffic around the town Lucon is now a very relaxed and intersting place to go for a meal.

Chene Vert.
2,chemin Moran, Lucon.
Tel. 02 28 14 00 40
La Mirabelle.
89, rue President du Gaulle, lucon.
Tel.02 51 56 93 02.
La cuisine ensolellee de Vendee.
Auberge du Moulin.
Route Sables, Chasnais.
Tel 02 51 97 71 58.
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Le Bordeaux.
14 Place Acacias, Lucon.
Tel.02 51 29 09 66
Le Croissant.
1 place Acacias, Lucon.
Tel. 02 51 56 11 15.
Les Tois Piliers.
65, rue President du Gaulle, Lucon.
Tel. 02 52 56 02 02.
Phuc Loc Tho.
3, Place Edouard Herriot, Lucon.
Tel.02 51 27 92 00.
Vietnamien, Chinois, Thailandais.
Restaurant 7/2
rue President du Gaulle, Lucon
Mc Donalds.
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