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Restaurants in the Vendee

Eating out has always been one of the pleasures of life, but knowing which restaurant to choose or in fact where all the restaurants are, and what type of restaurant it is, can often dent the occasion.

Our aim is not to list every eating establishment in the Vendee, but to pick a selection from given areas.
Some of these restaurants we will have a review. There will be two types of reviews, the first review comes from the general public via our review page where you can add your reviews of your favourite restaurants.The second from our own restaurant critic "Tate" who will be touring around the vendee and giving his assessment of the different establishments.

The list of restaurants will not be complete so if you know of one's we've missed or you have a favourite we would be grateful if you would let us know, you can add the restaurant via our add restaurant page.

From the side bar you can view the restaurants in different areas and towns. Where a town is listed it will include restaurants within 10-15 kms and some restaurants in the countryside may appear on one or more pages.
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