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  We Specialise in Gites and Cottages with Pools in the South Vendee. France.
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Sailing in the Vendée
Sailing in the Vendée. The Vendée has 146 kilometres of coastline and many inland lakes and rivers, and it offers a wide range of conditions for the many differing forms of sailing. Whether one is an exponent of wind surfing, dingy sailing, sand yachting, kite surfing or someone who just likes to sit around and watch others, the Vendée will not be a disappointment. It is no coincidence that the Vendée is home not only to the world’s most prodigious single handed yacht race in the world, the Vendee Globe, but also to France’s two largest sail boat manufacturers. Little did Benjamin Beneteau know back in 1884 when he first started manufacturing fishing boats, that one day his firm would be the world’s leader in the manufacture sail boats. Today there are 5 factories in the Vendée producing his boats. The second largest manufacturers of sailing boats are Jenneau, and their boatbuilding is centred on Cholet. All along the Vendée coast there are harbours and most have marinas full of all manner of craft, showing the scale and diversity of the Vendéen sailing heritage.

Dinghy Sailing. From Optimist dinghies to Hobie catamarans, wherever there is water one will find dinghies; they are so prolific that there are several places where they can be hired.

Wind surfers. From beginners to wave jumpers there is somewhere to suit all abilities and genres, with the diversity of conditions available one should have no problem in finding a location to suit one’s level of expertise. For those who want to take up the sport there are schools where you can take your first lessons, and for those who are slightly more advanced these schools offer the opportunity to refresh previously learned skills.

Sand Yachting. The vast stretches of beach here in the Vendée are ideal for this activity and the beaches around Saint-Jean-de-Monts and Saint-Giles-Croix-de-Vie are notable for this exhilarating sport. Lessons are available, from

Kite Surfing was born from the cross-breeding of surfboards and kites, and provides a fascinating ballet of multicoloured wings and spectacularly gymnastic movement.

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